Budget Worksheet for Pastor’s Renewal Activities page 13

May 2, 2012

See Reba’s informaiton


Brief Summary of Other Data page 11

May 2, 2012

Brief Summary of Other Data 

Official name of denomination, if applicable. If nondenominational or independent, please indicate.
Date of founding of this congregation ______________________ Annual operating budget total $ ___________________________
Number of members ______________________ Average number at worship ______________________ Years pastor has served this congregation ________________
Is the pastor bivocational? £ Yes £ No If yes, how many hours per week does the pastor spend in service to this church? _______________ hours
Has this pastor’s spouse’s congregation received a clergy renewal grant? £ Yes £ No If so, when and name of congregation ______________________________________
Is this pastor’s spouse also applying for a clergy renewal grant this year? £ Yes £ No If so, name of congregation _____________________________________________
Please tell us how you learned about this program:
£ friend/colleague £ newspaper story £ website (lillyendowment.org) £ other website £ email £ other

C 2. Date of ordination

May 2, 2012

2. Provide the pastor’s date of ordination, the name of the ordaining body, and the tenure and places of previous pastoral positions. Also tell us how long the pastor has served this congregation.

A-6. Congregation’s plans

May 2, 2012

6. Describe the congregation’s plans for covering the necessary pastoral functions during the pastor’s absence, for celebration of the pastor’s leave-taking and return, and/or for programs or activities that will serve to renew the congregation as a whole. Up to $15,000 may be used for such purposes and should be allocated as the congregation deems appropriate. (Note: These expenses should be included in the congregation’s budget for the renewal program.)

Part A – Program Rationale and Design-3. In the body of your application, present a thorough narrative description of the pastor’s activities and the timeline

May 2, 2012

Part A – Program Rationale and Design 

3. In the body of your application, present a thorough narrative description of the pastor’s activities and the timeline for the renewal program. Include a brief description and a rationale for each of these activities. This section is where you will give the fullest description of your plans and will enable the readers to see how the pieces fit together into a coherent whole. Use the Outline of Renewal Program form to list in sequence the proposed date(s) for each activity and the names of any family members or associates who will attend or travel with the pastor as a part of this program (see page 12).

June 2-June 30:  Port Townsend, Washington

My parents sent me to church by myself in this seaside community as a little girl; it is where I began my faith journey and love for Christ and the Church.  I plan on having my parents (George and Marilynn Carlisle), siblings (Kevin Carlisle, Kelly and Nancy Carlisle, Paul and Shelley Carlisle Kasten), and kids (Troy and Tricia Palmer Olson; Drew and Tiffany Palmer Carter; Tim Palmer), granddaughter (Madelyn Olson) take turns staying with me.  I will write in the morning and spend time with them in the afternoon and evenings.  I plan on staying pretty much to this routine the whole way through it. 

Spending time at the Presbyterian and Methodist Church—prayer, reflection, study, where my first spiritual experience occurred.  My parents sent me at age 3—and their influenced caused me to find Christ and love the church.  I’ve never had one on one time away with my parents or siblings—looking forward to reconnecting with a new and fresh love. 

Congregation: Reconnecting–First love: God and Family. 

To go back to the first love.

A study focused on what it means to love God fully with the freshness that is likened to the first moments when the love of God is  realized.

And, the first love of family.  What does it mean renewing love of family.

Taking Sabbath to recommit the first love to God and family.

To develop a new heart –Ezekiel 37.

Monday, July 1-Thursday, July 11: Maui, Hawaii

This part of the journey will be with Gregg, our kids, Madelyn, and maybe a new little one from China (Tricia and Troy are in the process of adoption again—another little girl).  Our family has never had the opportunity to travel anywhere together except several years ago to Disneyland.  It would be an amazing gift for all of us to have this opportunity.  Again, I would write in the morning and play in the afternoon and evening. 

My husband and children have given much as I have poured my life into the calling of God, serving in full time ministry for the last twenty years.  There have been some hard times, as they endured the pain of a broken congregation after the senior pastor I served was asked to leave.  My son-in-law Troy was also a part of the congregation.  I would love to explore their perception of God and faith now, focusing on the gift of relationship—how we are created to be in relationship with God and one another—and what it means to separate from the busyness of daily life to pour our energy into one another through the power of God.

Congregation:  The healing power of relationship with one another through experiencing Sabbath together.  I would also like to study about stress and relationship—through medical studies and wholistic studies and what Sabbath means—specifically using some Duke University and John Hopkins studies.  (John 15:12— “This is my commandment, that you love one another as I have loved you.

Friday, July 12-Monday, July 15A friend’s house at Netarts Bay—

I will prepare for my week of prayer—do some debriefing through writing.

Congregation:  The value of  reflection through meditating and journaling. Psalm 46:10

Monday, July 15-Sunday, July 21- Twin Rocks Friends Camp. 

Sabbath by the Sea:  personal reflection with a personal spiritual director for prayer.  This will be a week of prayer and quietness.

Congregation:  Quiet in a loud world:  Learning how to become quiet—some things to do as an individual, couple, and family.  Ideas for a quiet retreat at home as well in some places with little or no cost.  Healing prayer with prayer team.  “In quietness and in confidence shall be your strength.” Isaiah 30:15

Sunday, July 21-Sunday, July 28—Manzanita, Oregon—

I grew up going to Manzanita every summer to spend time with my grandparents, siblings, and cousins.  Most of my days were spent at the library and beach, reading and writing.  I plan on replicating that schedule with family members who want to do the same.   

We have so much information that we have lost the discipline and delight of reading books that help us grow and change.  This would actually launch of the rest of the summer—reading books—and discussing them in small groups.

Congregation:  the discipline of reading—a book club of sorts—with a book list that includes books outloud—to listen in the car.  A place to discuss—our Café 220, prayer room, a blog. 

Sunday, July 28-Saturday, August 3—Canon Beach, Oregon—

my most favorite beach in Oregon.  I love the community as well as the beach.  I hope my girls can spend this week with me; they love this part of Oregon as much as I do.  And, they are great editors. 

Saturday, August 3-Saturday, August 17—Friend’s house at Netarts Bay. 

I want to make sure that I edit and get most of my writing done in these two weeks.  I love the house and view and the neighborhood. 

Sunday, August 18- Sunday, August 25—Alaskan Cruise with Gregg. 

We had the opportunity to take a cruise to Alaska years ago and loved it.  This would be a great way to end my travels and to renew my marriage.  We will be looking forward to our 37th anniversary on September 11, 2013. 

Sunday, August 25-Monday, September 2—Go home

and get back into sync before I go back to work on Tuesday, September 3. 

Part A – Program Rationale and Design-2. Provide a clearly articulated rationale

May 2, 2012

Part A – Program Rationale and Design-2. Provide a clearly articulated rationale for engaging in the
clergy renewal program. In doing so, please give careful thought to the connection between the purpose, the proposed activities and your rationale. Programs that are coherent, well-integrated and possess a degree of thematic unity often are the most compelling. Your responses to these first two
questions should convey these characteristics. Also, include a discussion about why this is an appropriate time for the pastor and congregation to participate.

In May 2010, a doctor diagnosed a life-threatening heart arrhythmia when I came in with shingles.  There were no symptoms or disease; however, its been a process that led me to clarity of the need for margin, giving not only space to breathe but learning how to live with intentional rhythm of activity and restoration.   When my baby granddaughter died March 4, 2012, we were reminded of the mystery and gift of life and the obvious need for God in it all as well as the need for one another.  

I’ve been in full time ministry since 1992, receiving my Masters of Divinity from George Fox Evangelical Seminary in December of 2008 and ordination through the Church of the Nazarene in May of 2009.  I had no idea that there would be so many challenges to become a pastor when I received the call from as a little girl at age 9; however, the process has brought more passion and tenacity to serve God in the church, living life in community with those around me, loving everyone and anyone with the passion Christ has graciously given me.  After it became apparent that the doors were closed to becoming a pastor, I went to nursing school and received my Registered Nurse license in 1976 to care and love people through medicine.  After joining the pastoral staff in 1992 at Salem First Church of the Nazarene serving women and families, I realized the call was greater than ever.  I initially started seminary with the intent to become a chaplain; however, doors opened with encouragement to become a pastor. 

Adoption—what it means as an adult and also grandparent.

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